About Us

Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love for a reason. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a tall glass and good conversation at Barrel Splitters Brewing. We provide a wide selection of our own brewed drinks as well as local favorites served with a smile. Our bartenders are happy to offer other options like popular cocktails, liquors, seltzers, ciders, and favorites from other local breweries in the area. We keep things simple at Barrel Splitters. You can often find local bands performing on the weekends, game nights, sports parties to cheer on your favorite teams, and so much more. When you think of Barrel Splitters, think of an old-school place to hang out that celebrates everything that makes Northeast Philadelphia a unique place. From announcing a new beer to supporting our troops overseas, Barrel Splitters is your home away from home.
Meet the team

Brewed with a Mission

Brewed with a Mission. Barrel Splitters Brewing and taproom is Northwest Philadelphia’s first brewery. We are dedicated to the idea that all someone needs to relax is a cold brew, a comfortable chair, and good conversation. That is why we are proud to represent Philly with frequent regulars from all walks of life enjoying our innovative artisan beers. This inviting energy emanates from our taproom and drives us to maintain an incredible atmosphere every day. As we continue exploring new drinks and developing menu items over the next few years, we will work hard to remain your neighborhood watering hole that elevates the brewing tradition.

We Support Our Troops

At Barrel Splitters Brewing, we value supporting our troops working hard to protect our freedoms. For us, it is not about politics or where you fall on either side of the aisle. It is all about keeping the young men and women of our country safe so they can come home to their parents, wives, husbands, sons, and daughters. That is why we are proud to be a military-friendly establishment. When you walk into our taproom, you’ll see fantastic photos of great events and memories you’d expect from a Northeast Philly landmark. Right alongside this memorabilia are flags, photos, and honorifics of those doing their duty, often raised right here in our neighborhood. That is what Barrel Splitters Brewing is at the end of the day, a local destination for those that want an escape so they can relax.

Family Friendly Environment

We have a lot of families in the area and pride ourselves on encouraging a more working-class atmosphere because that is what feels natural. This is the beautiful grit of Philadelphia that people seeking quality conversation and drinks filled to the top can expect.We take the responsibility of opening a brewer in the Northeast Philly area seriously and work hard every day to maintain our status as a local hangout.For anyone looking to move to our neighborhood or just learn a bit more about what Northeast Philly has to offer, we welcome you to buy a drink and sit down with any of our regulars. You will see the side of America that most people fall into. A hardworking community of people doing their best to raise their families, earn a paycheck, and enjoy life with a cold draft.

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